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Nova Style Garment Factory

Nova Style Garment Factory

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Garment factory "Nova Style" is engaged in the development of models and custom tailoring . Shop produces high quality uniform, corporate clothes and overalls. Since 2012 the factory moved to knit, creating a beautiful sports suits and leisure wear. dozens of designers working in the company, tailors, seamstresses, builders and designers. New fashions are designed to meet modern standards of quality and design.

Factory Service

The clients of the company "New Style" are sports clubs, industrial establishments, shopping facilities, health care companies and public organizations. These companies are trying to provide personnel with the help of a beautiful uniform, made in a single corporate style.

The range of products includes:

  • Models for the administration.
  • The shape of cooks and sellers.
  • Sportswear.
  • Promotional clothing.
  • Medical clothing to order.
  • suits, trousers, jackets and suits for men and women.
  • T-shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, hoodies and kengurushki.
  • Hats and bags for the staff.

In addition to tailoring factory "Nova Style" is engaged in the application of the logo using screen printing technology. It is the most high-quality and low-cost option of branding clothes. More than 90% of all images on T-shirts in the stores are made in this way. For a change of the company can put up to 3 thousand prints on fabric.

Apply designers in the computer embroidery. It comes more expensive, but it looks better on the tissues. In this case, there are some restrictions that do not allow the use of this technology option on certain tissues, but such subtleties employees previously discussed with the clients. For a change of embroidery computer can handle up to 500 items, depending on the complexity of the logo of the company and the number of stitches.

Prices for finished goods

There is a garment factory "Nova Style" is not listed price clothing and uniforms. All price is specified in each case separately, which allows the company to be flexible when setting prices for their services.

Aneles or Nova Style

Working clothing - an important area in the factory "Nova Style". Manufacturing of production takes place in the capital, and further sets of clothes company sends to other regions of the country. When designing corporate clothing company takes into account the operating conditions and customer requirements. Designers can offer any sketches, pictures from the Internet, to agree on the number pad and pockets, color fabrics. This approach allows you to buy clothes to order in Nova Style under the specific needs of your organization.

Aneles garment factory producing different progressive corporate wear and uniforms. We work with own material, and with the tolling of the customer. There may be any circuit sew articles. We accept orders from 50 units to a few thousand copies. Terms of delivery of the product depend on the complexity of execution. All individually, so such details need to discuss with our designers.

In addition, our customers can take part in the creation of special clothing design for your company, as well as oversee the development and execution of the order. You can pick up exclusive design uniforms for the needs of the customer or to perform tailoring of overalls on templates from our database.

We put the logo on the fabric, we will help to create it from scratch. Upon request, the costumes for the staff can be additionally equipped with shoes and hats. The factory is engaged in tailoring of different kinds of knitwear. Depending on the order volume and seasonal merchandise discounts are available. The test sample of any product, whether it is a form of a waiter or a welder, sewn to customers free of charge. On the wholesale company also rebuffs Insulated winter clothing, summer and demi model.

At the factory "Aneles" you can order clothes for different professions in Ukraine:

  • doctors;
  • chefs;
  • ctroiteley;
  • sellers;
  • cleaning managers;
  • electricians and welders;
  • mechanics.

The company's designers can create clothing in Kiev varying complexity - overalls, coveralls, aprons and jackets. Finished products that are practical, reliable and long-life.

Corporate business model of high quality fabrics Ukrainian and European production, hardware is only from abroad. Always ready to show all the certificates of quality for raw materials used in the work. The materials do not fade, do not stretch out after washing, do not fade in the sun.

The company Aneles received the certificate of ISO 9001: 2015, which confirms the compliance of our quality management system of the company and production management international standards. All this high-quality collateral ordered finished products with us. The factory is located in the Kherson region, always open to clients. You can visit the production, pre-recorded on the tour. Order we ship any transport company in the customer's choice.

Contacts garment production "Nova Style"

Are power in Kiev on the street Magnitogorsk, 1. If desired, you can contact our sales department by phone 044-209-06-51, 044-209-06-51 (fax) or 067-462-76-10 that It located in the capital on the street. Veresneva, 24. All questions can be can also be solved by e-mail - zakaz@nova-style.com


Reviews of the Nova Style

On the Internet there is no information on the work of Nova Style factory, the site also can not find anything. The list of companies with which they work, clothing manufacture "Nova Style" does not advertise it.

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