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Garment factory Palcon

Garment factory Palcon

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About Palcon

Garment factories are trying to release a large assortment of clothes in Ukraine for different occasions in life, to meet the demand of the local population. Some companies are making only children's clothing oriented to a specific segment of the market, but most of the make models for men and women.

Garment factory "Palkon" engaged in the production of stylish women's and men's clothing. The products are designed with the latest fashion trends, the company sews costumes on modernized equipment, using quality raw materials. This makes garment factory one of the leaders in the domestic market and the markets of neighboring countries. The products of this factory is different low price and quality, constantly updated range.

Factory Service

Palcon manufacturing company located near the city of Kiev - in the White Church. factory employs more than 100 people. company's production capacity and modern Japanese equipment can realize the idea of ​​any project. Designers at the company have been working for over 20 years, will be able to make patterns with the requirements and regulations as well as customer recommendations. Once ready, you can multiply the sample to the desired size of the growth.

Experts' Palkon "own narrow focus on manufacturing factory experimental samples, so they are willing to offer their expertise for tailoring collections of all brands. . It is possible to cooperate with the sewing factory in Kiev remotely

All services companies

Tailoring collections for different brands of "turnkey»:

  • The calculation of the collection budget .
  • Create patterns and designs.
  • Preparation of technical documentation for the project.
  • Selection and Ordering of fabrics and accessories.
  • rebuffing test sample and its coordination with the customer.
  • Tailoring the entire party.

Clothing Design

A team of specialists sewing factory Ukraine "Palkon" ready to assist in the implementation of design ideas for clothing design, implement them, taking into account the target audience of the customer. In this category fall:

  • tracksuits;
  • Children's clothing;
  • Teenager's clothes;
  • shirt;
  • jacket;
  • T-shirts;
  • dresses;
  • uniforms;
  • knitting socks;
  • outerwear;
  • leather goods;
  • underwear;
  • model fur

The company already has its own design of clothing -. Men's shirts, T-shirts, tracksuits. All samples are made from high-quality fabrics, an affordable price, especially for consumers. You can order photos of finished products, to understand the capabilities of the factory.

Create patterns and grading

The company makes patterns of varying complexity in CAD for large enterprises and private workshops.

Sewing patterns in Kiev

The factory in the shortest possible time with the optimal number of examples will make ready sample. This will allow to look at the clothes on the side to evaluate its quality, convenience. Once you can run in batch production.

Sewing of special clothing wholesale

This is not the main direction of the company, but they will be able to adjust to the corporate identity of the customer. set of clothes for the personnel can be anything - a skirt and t-shirt, shirt and pants, etc.

products Branding

on fabric prints or embroidery on request. It can be a drawing, print images, logos and lettering - the whole brand identity of any type of difficulty. Shortcuts to the size and composition of the tissue will be on all types of clothing. You can sew additional Leib or proprietary tag to choose from - the size, the composition and recommendations for care, usual Leib Leib with the invoice basis

Services of cutting

Additionally, the factory provides a cut of different types of fabrics in an automatic cutting systems SERKON MAKINA (MC70) in Japan. It allows you to make 2 thousand. Copies in just one shift. And it will be a high-quality samples. We use CAD Juvili -. The complex software needed to design, modeling women's and men's clothing, automated control over the work of sewing production

Palkon sews textile and knitwear batches of 200 units of the complex production and from 500 units of light on the complexity of their equipment. Working in Ukraine, Europe and CIS countries. Sew on the patterns or prepared samples. T-shirts can make a pattern on the finished product, email templates or patterns on the board. However, they are willing to give 100% guarantee for reimbursement in identifying manufacturing defects. The goods are delivered by means of the TC Service "New Mail" or by ex factory.

Product prices

As for prices, the site says that they are lower than the market. More the company does not provide any information. No photo samples of the products, but you can always order a unique selling proposition, that is, leave your contact information, and the employees' Palkon "will contact you and advise.

Aneles or Palkon

Unlike "Palkon" Company "Aneles" engaged in tailoring of corporate wear and uniforms. In this company, too, should be progressive techniques of modeling (CAD), design and tailoring. Production of "Aneles" is located outside the city, so we can keep low prices for their products. Working on raw materials of the customer, which does not offer a "Palkon" as well as on their own. Subject to any tailoring schemes.

We otshivaem from 50 to several thousands of units, production capacity, we have more than that, "Palkon," but it all depends on the complexity of the order. Also we make the logo, but it can develop themselves. On request, we complete the order shoes and hats.

Contact factory "Palkon»

The company is located in the town of White Church, 1st Sandy Lane 2/41. one contact telephone number appears on the website - + 38-093-167-34-15. Output the firm does not, work schedule - from 8-00 to 20-00. Questions can be asked by e-mail - info@palcon.kiev.ua.


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